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Orenburg Shawls

The Orenburg Shawls Mystery

orenburg shawlFrom their conquest of India, English brought back the famous Kashmir Shawls.

Shawls were known for a long time, but this resurgent allowed an unsurpassed development in Europe since the 18th century.

What enthralled all public about these shawls, was the extraordinary softness of the cloth, alloyed with an exceptional delicacy given by the Tibet goat's down with which they are made.

The Tibet goat's down qualities come from extreme conditions in which it is produced, but also of its delicacy which with less than 13 microns is three to four times as fine as a human hair.

This exceptional delicacy gives this fiber an absolutely exceptional softness in touch, and as it is naturally insulating (for good reasons), it allows to create very light and very hot cloths.

And the Russian Orenburg Shawls?

Good question :-)
The Tibet is located on the Himalayas which, as any mountain, has two sides: the south side overlooks India and especially Kashmir, where the north side overlooks the Kirghizstan which is a Russian province, near to the Orenburg city.
Both products use the same goat's down.

There is however an important difference between both products: Orenburg Shawls are knit, while the Kashmir shawls are weaved. The knitting gives a more important filling, which make the Orenbourg shawls an even softer touch.

orenburg shawlThere are in fact two techniques for the Orenburg Shawls: the most common consists in knitting them either with hand needles in a traditional way, or with specialized machines which still leaves a big part to the manual work, or the exceptional method of the "fork", which allowing a wider mesh size, gives to the shawls an extraordinarily light texture.

Forks, used by the most exacting workers, allow to get the "Spider web " shawls type, who, besides being true works of art, have an extraordinary filling and an absolutely amazing power of insulation.

This legendary swelling is put to contribution in the famous test which consists to get an Orenburg Shawl through a wedding ring, which seems difficult a priori.

The first time you assist to this "experience", you are a bit septic, and slightly anxious, but each time, the miracle occurs, and the shawl get through the ring, without any problem.

Finally, the best quality shawls are blended with silk, which gives them shine and made them in fact a luxury product, at a price which remains affordable.

Where is it possible to find Orenburg Shawls?

If you like the nice Orenburg Shawls, you are in the good place :-)

Because we love them a lot, and we have a plaintiful of them in our store.

Visit now, our Collection of Nice Orenburg Shawls, without deferring more!!


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