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Shawls, a nice mode accessory…

russian shawlWhat is more elegant than a very cosy shawls delicately crossed around your shoulders when you are out, near to a good wooden fire or during a trip by the waterside?
Shawls comes back to fashion, and they are weared either on shoulders in a traditional way, or possibly on your waist, in Gypsy fashion.

The richness of the modern textile industry is quasi infinite, which is why nice shawls are found in many matter.
However the traditional matters, wool, cotton, silk or goat's down, are most commonly used.

Egyptians have already known shawls, and traces are found in the Bible.
This art were refined in the course of centuries, and the Indian of the Kashmir carried it at a high level of sophistication.
They were popularised in Occident at the time of French revolution.

The great shawls success after the French Revolution

The shawls popularity was so big at the French revolution time, that it was in good taste to offer one to a wife, and the noble women competed in elegance in the Monarches court, displaying the nicest Cashmeres.

The splendid Kashmir shawls discovery made a revolution effect.
It has to be said that the epoch took part in it :-)

At the discovery of the Kashmir shawls from the beginning of the 17th century, success was immediate.
Every elegant from this epoch HAD to have one.

These shawls were made of an unknown material at that time, which came from goats from Himalayas.
This down conferred on them a great softness alloyed with an incomparable delicacy.

However all tries to acclimate these animals in the Western Europe lands having failed, they used a material fluently worked in european regions: the sheep wool.

In some years, the demand and the shawls manufacture evolution caused a big increasing power in production, as well as an explosion of creativity.

The today's women go back to traditions

orange russian shawlThe modern techniques allowed to take down significantly the shawls production cost.
This explains partly the renewal interest for the today's shawls from which fashion has recently given their patent nobility letters again.

The desire of originality and elegance, corresponds well to the today's shawls.
They are aesthetics, comfortables and are available to take place in a split second.

Shawls fit to all situations.

The possible desire of originality will always be filled up, because a large choice of matters, textures, colours and patterns, will always allow you to find the unique product which will make you different of others.

It is why they are found in many dimensions, from the small shawl 90x90 which you can put under a jacket to the 200x200 or even more which then becomes a full clothes.

How to find beautiful Shawls?

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